Surpise your guests with some cute flower shaped soaps! 
Not only are the uncolored and unscented, but they are also made with Calendula Infused Olive Oil for that extra skin noursihment. 
These bars are truly amazing! 
These bars will be random, so it will be a surpise what flower you get in your order! So make sure you look through all of the pictures to see all of the styles available.

Guest Soaps

  • Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Calendula Infused Olive Oil, Peanut Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Sodium Lactate

  • Producst are sold as is.

    We do not guarentee our soaps, as they are a wash off product. 

    We hand test all of our soaps before they are available to the public, but that does not mean they will work for everyone. 

    If redness or irritation occur please discontinue use.

    Please check our ingredient list to avoid any alergens that may be in our soap. 

    We make all of our soap in small batches by hand. Size, weight, and apperance may slightly vary. They will look similiar to the picture, but no soap will look exactly the same. 

    We use Mica Colorants, so suds/bubbles may turn the colors of the soap. These do not stain sinks/hands, but some darker colors may stain white/lighter colored wash clothes. 

    Our products are for external use only. Do Not Ingest.